Matchday 27 Review – Tokyo Verdy 2-0 Kamatamare Sanuki

Tokyo Verdy 2-0 Kamatamare Sanuki

Tokyo Verdy won their 4th game in a row after beating Kamatamare Sanuki 2-0 at Ajinomoto Stadium, to the game – Verdy had some decent chances but didn’t go near the goal, Sanuki probably had the best chance of the 1st half when Sanuki had a cross from the left into the box but the only Sanuki man in the box couldn’t get the touch but was cleared away by a Verdy DF – a let off for Verdy, the 2nd half – Verdy had a good chance from a corner, Ibayashi headed towards the goal and the Sanuki GK made a good save at the bottom left of the goal, the 1st goal of the game, Chugo chipped into the box and then the Sanuki GK and Sugimoto went for the ball – Sugimoto got the touch before the GK could and Daisuke Takagi, who was in the right place at the right time, headed the ball into the empty net to make it 1-0 Verdy, the 2nd goal came from a counter attack, a Verdy DF (didn’t see the number so I don’t know who it was sorry) kicked a ball up to Daisuke Takagi, Takagi ran to the right hand side of the box, after a lucky deflection, Takagi passed it into the box for Shuto Minami to put away the 2nd goal for Verdy in injury time.

Ajinomoto Stadium, Attendance – 4,807

Tokyo Verdy Team – Sato, Oki, Ibayashi, Weslley, Kazuki Anazi, Yasuda, Chugo, Minami, Sawai, D Takagi, Sugimoto

Tokyo Verdy Subs – Shibasaki, Tamura, Misao, Y Takagi, Nagai, Sugajima, Hiramoto

Kamatamare Sanuki Team– Shimizu, Takahashi, Evson, Fujii, Ozawa, Numata, Nagata, Okamura, K Takagi, Nakama, R Kijima

Kamatamare Sanuki Subs – Seguchi, Takeda, Horikawa, Tsunada, Andrea, Yamamoto, T Kijima

Match Statistics & Info
58’ – Yellow Card – Sanuki – Fujii
60’ – Sub – Verdy – Yasuda Off, Takagi On
67’ – Sub – Sanuki – Takagi Off, Horikawa On
70’ – Sub – Verdy – Weslley Off, Tamura On
75’ GOAL – Verdy – Number 18 – D Takagi
84’ Sub – Sanuki – Takahashi Off, Takeda On
87’ – Yellow Card – Sanuki – Okamura
89’ – Sub – Verdy – Sugimoto Off, Misao On
90’ +2’ GOAL – Verdy – Number 11 – Minami
90’ +3’ – Yellow Card – Sanuki – Evson

Shots –Tokyo Verdy 17 – Sanuki 4
FK – Tokyo Verdy 13 – Sanuki 12
CK – Tokyo Verdy 8 – Sanuki 2
PK – Tokyo Verdy 0 – Sanuki 0
Cards –Tokyo Verdy 0/0 – Kyoto 3/0

Next Game for Tokyo Verdy – Awayv Yokohama FC, Sat, 8st August, 6pm JST


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