Matchday 30 Review – Tokyo Verdy 0-1 Ehime FC

Tokyo Verdy 0-1 Ehime FC

Tokyo Verdy lost their second game in a row this time to Ehime FC at Home thanks to a goal by Go Nishida on 53 minutes, the first half saw both teams have some decent chances but saved well by both goalkeepers, the 2nd half, the goal came after a curling cross by Uchida which was headed by Kawahara I( think) and that header hit the post but Sato couldn’t get to the ball but Nishida was in the right place to shoot the ball into the net while Sato was diving back the other way. The league takes a break for the Emperor’s Cup 1st Round, Verdy will play Japan Soccer College from the Hokushinetsu Football League, it will be played at Ajinomoto Field Nishigaoka

Ajinomoto Stadium, Attendance – 6,843

Tokyo Verdy Team – Sato, Tamura, Hatanaka, Ibayashi, Kazuki Anazi, Misao, Chugo, Minami, Y Takagi, D Takagi, Sugimoto

Tokyo Verdy Subs – Shibasaki, Fukui, Nakano, Nagai, Sugajima, Hiramoto, Pinheiro

Ehime FC Team– Kodama, Tamabayashi, Rindo, Nishioka, Urata, Fujita, Kojima, Uchida, Kawahara, Senuma, Nishida

Ehime FC Subs – Park Seong Su, Park Chan Yong, Eguchi, T Kondo, K Kondo, Murakami, Watanabe

Match Statistics & Info
47’ – Yellow Card – Verdy – Sugimoto
53’ GOAL – Ehime – Number 18 – Nishida
69’ – Sub – Verdy – D Takagi Off, Hiramoto On
69’ – Sub – Verdy – Sugimoto Off, Nagai On
75’ – Sub – Ehime – Nishida Off, T Kondo On
80’ – Sub – Verdy – Hatanaka Off, Pinheiro On
82’ – Yellow Card – Verdy – Pinheiro
86’ – Sub – Ehime – Kawahara Off, Eguchi On
89’ – Yellow Card – Verdy – Misao
90’ +3’ – Yellow Card – Verdy – Y Takagi
90’ +5’ – Sub – Ehime – Kojima Off, Murakami On

Shots – Tokyo Verdy 8 – Ehime 6
FK – Tokyo Verdy 19 – Ehime 19
CK – Tokyo Verdy 6 – Ehime 0
PK – Tokyo Verdy 0 – Ehime 0
Cards – Tokyo Verdy 4/0 – Ehime 0/0

Next Game for Tokyo Verdy – Home v Japan Soccer College, Emperor’s Cup, Sat, 29th August, 6pm JST


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