Matchday 8 Review – Yokohama FC 1-1 Tokyo Verdy (2016)

Matchday 8 Review – Yokohama FC 1-1 Tokyo Verdy

Tokyo Verdy got another draw, a 3rd draw in a row, this time the draw was against a in form Yokohama FC at Mitsuzawa, it took a FK from Masaki Chugo on the 62nd minute to equalise after Shinichi Terada gave Yokohama FC the lead on the 22nd minute to send Verdy fans home at least not dealing with a defeat, to the game, the first chance fell to Yokohama in the 17th minute with a FK from Ibba but he just put it wide, then to the Yokohama goal, it came from a cross on the right hand side into the box by Onose and then Ibba missed kicked it but it somehow fell toTerada who just said thank you very much for the space as he was wide open and he then slot the ball past Shibasaki to make it 1-0 Yokohama FC, to the 2nd half, Verdy started off with a good chance that went past the post by 2nd half substitute Sugimoto, Verdy had a great chance in the 50th/51st minute when a cross into the box from the left hand side which was beaten away by the Yokohama FC GKwhich fell to Minami but he took a heavy touch and went out for a Verdy corner after a Yokohama player defended tackled Minami and as I say it went out for a Verdy corner but on the 61st/62nd minute – Chugo took a FK from about 25 yards out and took the FK sweetly and it seemed to be seen late by the Yokohama GK and Verdy got themselves a equaliser, Verdy came real close to scoring with less than 20 minutes to go and it came from Sugimoto, it was inches close but a draw was somewhat of a fair result, Verdy go again this Saturday at “Home” against Mito Hollyhock.

NHK Spring Mitsuzawa Football Stadium, Attendance – 3,238

Tokyo Verdy Team – Shibasaki, Koki Anazai, Ibayashi, Tamura, Kaz Anzai, Chugo, Takaki, Y Takagi, Minami, Hiramoto, D Takagi

Tokyo Verdy Subs – Ota, Taira, Inoue, Kusumi, Kitawaki, Sugimoto, Pinheiro

Yokohama FC Team – Shibuya, Ichimura, Nishikawa, Halilovic, Tadokoro, Terada, Sato, Nomura, Onose, Ibba, Miura

Yokohama FC Subs – Minami, Fujii, Straus, Okaki, Nakazato, Okubo, Tsuda

Match Statistics and Info
19’ – Yellow Card – Yokohama – Sato
22’ GOAL – Yokohama – Number 10 – Terada
28’ – Yellow Card – Verdy – D Takagi
46’ – Sub – Verdy – D Takagi Off, Sugimoto On
52’ – Yellow Card – Yokohama – Ibba
59’ – Yellow Card – Verdy – Hiramoto
60’ – Yellow Card – Yokohama – Halilovic
62’ GOAL – Verdy – Number 8 – Chugo
66’ – Sub – Yokohama – Miura Off, Tsuda On
76’ – Yellow Card – Yokohama – Terada
80’ – Sub – Yokohama – Ibba Off, Okubo On
80’ – Sub – Yokohama – Nomura Off, Fujii On
85’ – Sub – Verdy – Minami Off, Pinheiro On

Shots – Yokohama 7 – Tokyo Verdy 7
FK – Yokohama 22 – Tokyo Verdy 20
CK – Yokohama 4 – Tokyo Verdy 5
PK – Yokohama 0 – Tokyo Verdy 0
Cards – Yokohama 4/0 – Tokyo Verdy 2/0

Next Game for Tokyo Verdy – Home v Mito Hollyhock, Saturday, 23th April, 2pm JST


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