Matchday 16 Review – Renofa Yamaguchi 3-1 Tokyo Verdy (2016)

Matchday 16 Review –Renofa Yamaguchi 3-1 Tokyo Verdy

Verdy fell to a 3-1 defeat against Renofa Yamaguchi, this is the first time both teams have played each other, to the game – Verdy went down 1-0 after the 32nd when a long ball pumped up the field that wasn’t dealt by the Verdy DF, the ball was headed to Kishida who beat the Verdy DF and slotted the ball past Suzuki to make it 1-0, Renofa made it 2 on the 39th minute – Kishida’s 2nd goal, he was given a DF splitting pass froma Renofa player and Kishida simply slotted the ball into the left hand side of the goal, but it wasn’t all bad for Verdy, Verdy got a goal back a couple of minutes into the 2nd half from a corner – corner comes in Daisuke Takagi gets a foot to the ball and puts it past the Renofa player on the post who can’t clear the ball away to reduce the score to 2-1, Verdy really had a great chance to make it 2-2, goal scorer Daisuke Takagi gets a header on a lovely cross from but its stopped by 2 Renofa players, it falls to his brother Yoshiaki Takagi but the Renofa GK stands strong and saves it but Renofa scored the 3rd goal in injury time after a Verdy DF error lead to Yoshihiro Shoji to slot it past Suzuki and hits the post and goes into the back of the net. Verdy are in 18th place in the J2 table/Renofa are in 7th place after this game

Ishin Memorial Park Stadium, Attendance – 4,909

Tokyo Verdy Team – Suzuki, Takaki, Tamura, Ibayashi, Kazuki Anzai, Inoue, Chugo, Koki Anzai, Y Takagi, D Takagi, Sugimoto

Tokyo Verdy Subs – Ota, Weslley, Sawai, Kusumi, Watanabe, Nagai, Vieira

Renofa Yamaguchi Team – Ichimori, Koike, Yoon, Kitatani, Kagawa, Torikai, Miyuki, Shoji, Fukumitsu, Shimaya, Kishida

Renofa Yamaguchi Subs – Murakami, Miyagi, Hiroki, Kato, Hoshi, Mochizuki, Haraguchi

Match Statistics and Info
32’ GOAL – Yamaguchi – Number 9 – Kishida
34’ – Yellow Card – Verdy – Kaz Anzai
37’ – Yellow Card – Verdy – Y Takagi
39’ GOAL – Yamaguchi – Number 9 – Kishida
40’ – Yellow Card – Yamaguchi – Miyuki
46’ – Sub – Verdy – Koki Anzai Off, Nagai On
47’ GOAL – Verdy – Number 18 – D Takagi
54’ – Sub – Yamaguchi – Torikai Off, Hoshi On
62’ – Sub – Verdy – Inoue Off, Vieira On
81’ – Sub – Verdy – Y Takagi Off, Watanabe On
86’ – Yellow Card – Verdy – Chugo
88’ – Sub – Yamaguchi – Fukumitsu Off, Kato On
90’ +2’ – Sub – Yamaguchi – Miyuki Off, Hiroki On
90’ +3’ GOAL – Yamaguchi – Number 10 – Shoji

Shots – Yamaguchi 12 – Tokyo Verdy 10
FK – Yamaguchi 17 – Tokyo Verdy 28
CK – Yamaguchi 3 – Tokyo Verdy 7
PK – Yamaguchi 0 – Tokyo Verdy 0
Cards – Yamaguchi 1/0 – Tokyo Verdy 3/0

Next Game for Tokyo Verdy – Home v FC Gifu, Wednesday, 8th June, 7pm JST


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