Matchday 21 Review – Giravanz Kitakyushu 2-1 Tokyo Verdy (2016)

Matchday 21 Review – Giravanz Kitakyushu 2-1 Tokyo Verdy

Verdy found themselves on the end of another defeat, this time at the hands of Giravanz Kitakyushu, to the game, it started off well for Kitakyushu as they had their first chance on the 24th minute but it just went past the post, 4 minutes later, Verdy have a corner – its put into the box and at least 2 Verdy players and a Kitakyushu GK tried to get the ball but just couldn’t get it and then it hits off either a Verdy or a Kitakyushu player and it falls to Ryuji Sugimoto who put into the back of the net to make it 1-0 Verdy, second half was a different story with Kitakyushu scoring their first goal on the 54th minute thanks to Kazuki Hara and then Hara scored again a couple of minutes later, we saw loanee Takahiro Futagawa come on for his first appearance and he was right into the action after he passed to Vieira who had a chance but Vieira put it into the side netting and that was the last chance of the game and finished Kitakyushu 2-1 Tokyo Verdy

Honjo Stadium, Attendance – 2,864

Tokyo Verdy Team – Suzuki, Tamura, Weslley, Ibayashi, Kaz Anzai, Shion Inoue, Chugo, Sawai, Sugimoto, Y Takagi, Vieira

Tokyo Verdy Subs – Ota, Koki Anzai, Taira, Minami, Futagawa, D Takagi, Kori

Giravanz Kitakyushu Team – Suzuki, Kotegawa, Maeda, Teraoka, Ishigami, Kazama, Arai, Motoyama, Kawashima, Hara, Ikemoto

Giravanz Kitakyushu Subs – Abe, Ichikawa, Shota Inoue, Kato, Hanai, Tada, Kotani

Match Statistics and Info
11’ – Yellow Card – Verdy – Yoshiaki Takagi
29’ GOAL – Verdy – Number 7 – Ryuji Sugimoto
54’ GOAL – Kitakyushu – Number 9 – Kazuki Hara
56’ GOAL – Kitakyushu – Number 9 – Kazuki Hara
57’ – Sub – Verdy – Ryuji Sugimoto Off, Takahiro Futagawa On
64’ – Sub – Verdy – Yoshiaki Takagi Off, Daisuke Takagi On
80’ – Sub – Verdy – Naoya Tamura Off, Koki Anzai On
81’ – Sub – Kitakyushu – Masashi Motoyama Off, Shota Inoue On
84’ – Sub – Kitakyushu – Tomoki Ikemoto Off, Kengo Kotani On
90’ – Sub – Kitakyushu – Jumpei Arai Off, Koken Kato On

Shots – Kitakyushu 7 – Tokyo Verdy 12
FK – Kitakyushu 13 – Tokyo Verdy 10
CK – Kitakyushu 6 – Tokyo Verdy 4
PK – Cerezo 0 – Tokyo Verdy 0
Cards – Kitakyushu 0/0 -Tokyo Verdy 1/0

Next Game for Tokyo Verdy – Home v Faginao Okayama, Sunday, 10th July, 6pm JST


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