Matchday 42 Review – FC Gifu 4-2 Tokyo Verdy (2016)

Matchday 42 Review – FC Gifu 4-2 Tokyo Verdy

Verdy finished off the 2016 J2 Season with a defeat to FC Gifu, lucky this result didn’t mean much to Verdy as they were already safe but the win for Gifu saved themselves from relegation to J3 or to play in the J2/J3 play off, before the game it was announced that Koichi Togashi would be stepping down as the Verdy Manager – i would like to put on record – thank you to Koichi Togashi amd the Verdy staff for all there hardwork for the past few seasons, to the game itself – it started off so well for Verdy when Tomohiro Taira scored in the 23rd minute from a free kick that was put into the box and then Taira and the Gifu GK came for the same ball but Taira won the ball and he ran onto the ball and put it into the back of the net to make it 1-0 Verdy, but it wasn’t long till Gifu got back into the game – the equaliser came from a Gifu corner, the Verdy DF didn’t do anything about the ball and Leomineiro just easily put the ball into the back of the net for 1-1, it wasn’t long till Verdy went back in front thanks to Daisuke Takagi’s goal, Gifu appealed a lot for a offside but the flag didn’t come for them – the ball seemed like it touched a Gifu DF on the way through to Daisuke – might be why it wasn’t called offside, but it was 2-1 Verdy, Gifu almost straight away got a goal back thanks to Koya Kazama after Verdy GK Suzuki saved a Gifu players shot and it came out to another Gifu player – which was Kazama, he put the ball into the back of the net to make it 2-2 and that’s how it finished at HT, but Gifu got all 3 points with 2 goals in the second half, the 3rd goal came from a cross from the right into the box and the Verdy DF wasn’t picking up Hiroaki Namba and he slotted it into the back of the net to make it 3-2 to Gifu and then about 10 minutes later – Gifu got their 4th and Namba got his second of the game, Namba went past the Verdy DF with ease and slotted the ball into the back of the net – although it was a bit of a sour note before the end of the game when Naoya Okanegot himself sent off for 2 yellow cards but Gifu fans/players/officials were probably the happiest with the result as it saved them from relegation.

Gifu Nagaragawa Stadium, Attendance – 12,158

Tokyo Verdy Team – Suzuki, Tamura, Ibayashi, Taira, Koki Anzai, Takaki, Kazi Anzai, Sawai, Y Takagi, D Takagi, Vieira

Tokyo Verdy Subs – Shibasaki, Hayashi, Futagawa, Nagai, Chugo, Hiramoto, Pinheiro

FC Gifu Team – Tokizawa, Abe, Suzuki, Okane, Fuji, Kazama, Mizuno, Takachi, Tanaka, Namba, Leomineiro

FC Gifu Subs – Popp, Nogaito, Masuyama, Aoki, Leonardo Rocha, Endo, Takiya

Match Statistics and Info
23’ GOAL – Verdy – Number 5 – Tomohiro Taira
28’ GOAL – Gifu – Number 33 – Leomineiro
33’ GOAL – Verdy – Number 18 – Daisuke Takagi
35’ GOAL – Gifu – Number 14 – Koya Kazama
41’ – Yellow Card – Gifu – Masanori Abe
46’* – Sub – Gifu – Yuki Fuji Off, Shun Nogaito On
52’ GOAL – Gifu – Number 24 – Hiroaki Namba
60’ – Sub – Verdy – Akira Ibayashi Off, Masaki Chugo On
63’ GOAL – Gifu – Number 24 – Hiroaki Namba
69’ – Sub – Verdy – Douglas Vieira Off, Kazuki Hiramoto On
71’ – Yellow Card – Gifu – Naoya Okane
75’ – Sub – Gifu – Keiji Takachi Off, Tsubasa Aoki On
75’ – Sub – Verdy – Naoto Sawai Off, Takahiro Futagawa On
82’ – Sub – Gifu – Hiroaki Namba Off, Leonardo Rocha On
83’ – Yellow Card – Verdy – Koki Anzai
90’ +3’ – 2nd Yellow Card/Red Card – Gifu – Naoya Okane

Shots – Gifu 12 – Tokyo Verdy 12
FK – Gifu 16 – Tokyo Verdy 12
CK – Gifu 6 – Tokyo Verdy 8
PK – Gifu 0 – Tokyo Verdy 0
Cards – Gifu 3/1 – Tokyo Verdy 1/0

Next Game for Tokyo Verdy – 2017 Pre-Season/Season


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