Matchday 5 2017 Review – Tokyo Verdy 1-0 FC Gifu

Matchday 5 2017 Review –Tokyo Verdy 1-0 FC Gifu

Verdy got their fourth win in a row after a 1-0 win against FC Gifu at Ajinomoto Field, to the match itself, it was Verdy with the first chance of the game, after a Gifu mistake, Vieira ran right past at least 4 players and got himself into the box but the Gifu GK saved it but it was a good early chance for Verdy, Gifu really carved out a great chance that really surprised the Verdy DF but it was cleared off the line by Nagata to keep the score level, Gifu had another good chance at the Verdy goal and it was another close call but another clearance off the line, this time by Kazuki Anzai who cleared the ball away but it was Gifu at it again with another good chance but this time it hit the side netting – Gifu were getting close but couldn’t get it into the back of the net. Verdy had a good chance from a throw in, after the throw in it got headed up and it fell to Yoshiaki Takagi and he scissor kicked it towards goal but the Gifu GK saved it to keep it at 0-0 at half time, the second half started off with a good chance for Verdy after Kazuki Anzai got the ball off a Gifu defender and ran towards the Gifu goal but Kaz put it wide of the goal but it was Verdy who scored the only goal of the game after a pass from a Verdy player (couldn’t see who the player was, sorry about that, whoever it was, what a pass!) to Pinheiro, there was a lack of Gifu defenders up with Alan – he got himself to the edge of the box and then hit the ball with his right foot and curled it high past the Gifu GK Victor – he could not reach it and the ball hit the back of the net to make it 1-0 Verdy after Gifu put a lot of pressure on the Verdy goal – it was Verdy who took the lead, after another 4 subs and a yellow card – the ref blew the full time whistle to send the Verdy fans/management home happy with another 3 points.

Ajinomoto Stadium, Attendance – 3,331

Tokyo Verdy Team – Shibasaki, Ibayashi, Nagata, Taira, D Takagi, Uchida, Inoue, Kaz Anzai, Pinheiro, Y Takagi, Vieira

Tokyo Verdy Subs –Naito, Hatanaka, Koki Anzai, Hashimoto, Takaki, Nakano, Kajikawa

FC Gifu Team – Victor, Omoto, Henik, Aoki, Fukumura, Sisinio, Shoji, Nagashima, Yamada, Namba, Furuhashi

FC Gifu Subs – Takagi, Abe, Tashiro, Ono, Tanaka, Nozawa, Takiya

Match Statistics and Info
39’ – Sub – Verdy – Shion Inoue Off, Hideo Hashimoto On
52’ – Yellow Card – Gifu – Henik
53’ – Sub – Verdy – Douglas Vieira Off, Ryota Kajikawa On
68’ GOAL – Verdy – Number 7 – Alan Pinheiro
68’ – Sub – Gifu – Yushi Nagashima Off, Hideyuki Nozawa On
72’ – Sub – Gifu – Kohei Yamada Off, Paulo Junichi Tanaka On
74’ – Sub – Verdy – Yoshiaki Takagi Off, Koki Anzai On
89’ – Sub – Gifu – Hiroaki Namba Off, Ryo Takiya On
90’ – Yellow Card – Gifu – Ryo Takiya

Shots – Tokyo Verdy 11 – Gifu 8
FK – Tokyo Verdy 13 – Gifu 11
CK – Tokyo Verdy 6 – Gifu 4
PK – Tokyo Verdy 0 – Gifu 0
Cards – Tokyo Verdy 0/0 – Gifu 2/0

J2 Matchday 5 Results –

Saturday, 25th March
Mito Hollyhock 1-0 Ehime FC
Kyoto Sanga 0-1 V-Varen Nagasaki
Shonan Bellmare 2-0 JEF United Chiba
Yokohama FC 0-2 Tokushima Vortis

Sunday, 26th March
Zweigen Kanazawa 2-2 Machida Zelvia
Renofa Yamaguchi 1-0 Kamatamare Sanuki
Roasso Kumamoto 0-1 Oita Trinita
Montedio Yamagata 0-0 Avispa Fukuoka
Thespa Kusatsu Gunma 1-2 Fagiano Okayama
Matsumoto Yamaga 1-2 Nagoya Grampus

Next Game for Tokyo Verdy – Sun 2nd April – Away v Fagiano Okayama, 2pm JST


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